It is possible for you to stay for up to three weeks without food but when it comes to water, it is different. 65% of the human body is made of water and every cell within the human body depends on water to survive. Water is also useful in join lubrication, regulation of body temperature, and waste excretion.

If you go without water, all the above body functions will be interfered with and with time, it will result in health complications. The maximum duration that you can go without water is seven days but this will depend on several factors:

Heat degree

If you live in an area where your body is exposed to intense heat, you need to keep hydrating in order to survive. You will not be able to stay for long without taking water in this weather condition. If you live in an area where the weather is cool, you will stay for a longer time without water and not suffer from health complications.

Physical activities

If you are engaged in rigorous physical activities, you will be sweating a lot and this means you will be losing water. You will need water to cool off the intense heating of your body and if this is not done, your water level will get dangerously low.

Your physical health

If you suffer from a health condition that will make you lose a lot of water such as diarrhea and vomiting, you need a lot of water. You will be lying in a hospital bed in no time if you do not replace the water you are losing when vomiting.

Water is essential for your survival and it would be risky to stay without it. Just like the scientists say, it is the driving force of every part of your body. Your skin will become dull if you do not take water and since waste will not be excreted there will be a malfunctioning of the organs that excrete waste.